Inside Early Music:
Conversations with Performers

by Bernard D. Sherman
(Oxford University Press, 1997)

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Excellent . . . . The teeming practical detail of this book is a great achievement in itself, but equally significant is its documentation of the major conceptual issues behind the historical-performance movement.
–Anthony Pryer,
The Times Literary Supplement, January 16, 1998

A book of unparalleled interest. It bristles with sharply defined positions and passionate arguments, all of them expressed with clarity and augmented by the author’s insightful and well-informed reflections.
–Timothy J. McGee,
Library Journal, May, 1997

Published Reviews from the UK, USA, Poland, and Spain

“Inside Early Music is a fascinating book, and not just for readers with an interest in early music. Sherman's pointed interviews with opinionated people, and his lucid introductions and postscripts, offer considerable insight into questions about the nature of art, the nature of human nature, and some of the great intellectual controversies of our time.”
–Steven Pinker,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Author of The Language Instinct and How the Mind Works

I can’t imagine a better book of its kind. . . . readers will profit greatly and they are addressed considerately and without condescension.”
–Richard Taruskin
University of California
Author of Text and Act and Stravinsky and the Russian Traditions

Jacket Quotes (from Pinker, Frisch, Taruskin, George Barth, and Stewart Carter)

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