The cover photo...

...of Inside Early Music: Conversations with Performers (by Bernard D. Sherman, yours truly) was taken by Herb Snitzer. I first saw Herb's work in Reprise, a book on early-music performers, with text by Joel Cohen. I tracked Herb down when I was looking for a cover photo, and he kindly sent me a sampling. This one was exactly what I'd had in mind.

The cover was then designed by Kathleen M. Lynch of Oxford University Press. Once again, it was all I could have hoped for. My thanks to both Herb and Kathleen.

Who's on the cover?

I recognized Philippe Herreweghe when I first saw the photo, but nobody else. I learned more at the 1998 Berkeley Festival and Exhibition. Kate Van Orden (an outstanding bassoonist and musicologist at the University of California at Berkeley) told me that the cellist on the left was Phoebe Carrai. Kate then took the trouble to email Phoebe, who said that the group was the Musica Antiqua Köln. At last I had a partial answer when people asked.

In December, 2002, Claude Maury emailed me the rest of the line-up: "As Kate told you, it is Phoebe Carrai standing up just behind Christine Angot, violist. On Christine Angot's right is Karlheinz Steeb. The double bass player is Jean-Michel Forest. The first violin would be Reinhardt Goebel, just looking different than he does now. The violist with blond long hair is Hajo Bäß; to his right is Mary Utiger. On her right (you can't see her on the picture) is Jeanine Rubbinlicht."

Claude also learned that the piece being rehearsed was the Gilles Requiem. Thank you, Claude, for giving me a complete answer to the above question!

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