Inside Early Music:
Conversations with Performers

by Bernard D. Sherman

(NY: Oxford University Press, 1997)

table of contents

Introduction: An Atmosphere of Controversy

PART ONE: The Middle Ages, Plainchant, and “Otherness”

1. A Different Sense of TimeMarcel Pérès on plainchant
2. You Can’t Sing a FootnoteSusan Hellauer on performing medieval music
3. Vox Feminea Barbara Thornton on Hildegard von Bingen
4. The Colonizing Ear Christopher Page on medieval music
Postscript: The Middle Ages, Plainchant, and “Otherness”

The Renaissance, Oxbridge, and Italy 131

5. There Is No Such Thing as a NormPaul Hillier on Renaissance sacred vocal music
6. Other Kinds of BeautyPeter Phillips on Palestrina and the Tallis Scholars
7. Singing Like a NativeAlan Curtis, Rinaldo Alessandrini, and Anthony Rooley on Monteverdi
8. Emotional LogicAndrew Lawrence-King on instruments and improvisation

PART THREE: The Baroque 230

9. Consistent InconsistenciesJohn Butt on Bach
10."One Should Not Make a Rule”Gustav Leonhardt on keyboard music
11. Aladdin’s LampAnner Bylsma on the ’cello (and Vivaldi)
12. Beyond the Beautiful PearlJulianne Baird on Italian and English styles
13. You Can Never Be Right for All TimeNicholas McGegan on Handel
14. At Home with the IdiomWilliam Christie on the French Baroque
15. Triple CounterpointJeffrey Thomas, Philippe Herreweghe, and John Butt on Singing Bach’s Sacred Works

PART FOUR: Classic and Romantic

16. Restoring IngredientsMalcolm Bilson on the Fortepiano
17. Speaking Mozart’s LingoRobert Levin on Mozart and Improvisation
18. Taking Music off the PedestalRoger Norrington on Beethoven
 Postscript: “Classical” and “Romantic” Performance Practice in Beethoven
19. Reviving IdiosyncrasiesJohn Eliot Gardiner on Berlioz and Brahms

20. Reinventing WheelsJoshua Rifkin on Interpretation and Rhetoric

Epilog 531

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